Thursday League 

Thursday Golf League



 Season – We play each Thursday, beginning with the May 21 through September 24. You make your own tee time & select your own playing partners. We ask that you play with at least one other League member.

Dues – Annual dues of $5.00 goes to cover minimal operating expenses. Any unused money is added to the end of the year prize fund.

Weekly events – The cost of these events is $5.00. 9 Events on the even holes week 1, alternating each week between odd and even. We will also have an event for low gross and low net score. Prizes are paid with Trempealeau Mountain gift cards.

Skins game – We have both net and gross skin games. The cost of the skins game is $5.00 and will be paid in cash.

Eagle & Hole-in-One Kitties – The cost to enter each of these kitties is $.50 per week. The payouts for these are made in cash.

Tee Boxes – Players will tee off from the appropriate tee box this year based on their current handicap:

Blue Tees – handicap of 6 or less and handicap plus age less than 60

White Tees – handicap of 7 – 19 or handicap plus age 60 or more

Yellow Tees – handicap of at least 20 or age plus handicap 85 or more

Special Events – Watch for special events to be announced during the year.

Member Requirements

1) Members must be at least 18 years old.

2) Membership cost is $5 and is due on the date of first participating in the league.

3) Membership in the league must follow course rules & regulations.

4) Membership in the club is for one season only and expires at the end of September.

5) Members must follow the rules of golf while participating in the league.

 6) Members must maintain a current handicap and must record scores of both 9 & 18 hole rounds played during the current season.

7) Membership confers no special privileges from the course nor any voice in operations of the course.

8) Any member refusing to comply with these rules will be subject to expulsion from the league.

9) Must play a minimum of 4 weeks of the season to be eligible for the Hole-in-One Kitty.

Please contact the Trempealeau Mountain Golf Club for further information at (608) 534-7417, or email us at